Hi everyone it’s been a while,  over the last month we have been flat out sorting through our ALL of our stuff again.  My DH recently found out that he is being transferred to north Queensland, and while that may not seem far away with us not even having to leave the state it is still far enough J .  1,247 km by the shortest route so about a 16 hour drive, it is going to be a great adventure for the whole family.  The kids are extremely excited by the possibility of living so close the coast (about 15min drive), and I’m sure that there will be plenty for them to learn from our change in location.  The only problem with the move is trying to find somewhere to live and having to pack yet again, hence the reason I see it as such a good time to purge all our unwanted stuff.  


To add to our busyness we have been keeping up with the kids lessons (for the most part) and writing me eldest DD’s report to send away to the local authorities.  Once all of this craziness has calmed down I hope that we won’t need to move again for a very long time!


To add to our busyness we have been keeping up with the kids lessons (for the most part) and writing me eldest DD’s report to send away to the local authorities.  Once all of this craziness has calmed down I hope that we wont need to move again for a very long time!
Well we have been BUSY today J  Faith had her second swimming lesson EVER today, and may I say that as the biased mum I think she did wonderfully.  Seriously though her instructor even commented on how well she did today, I’m truly glad about that because F was adamant that she wasn’t getting in the pool ever a little over two weeks ago.  While she was swimming the other two did their maths, attracting some interest from bystanders.  Isn’t it funny how if you go anywhere with kids in tow people either look at you with disdain or with interest, Today we had both.  There were a couple of interesting conversations that I had today with people that genuinely seemed interested in Homeschooling, not as something to be avoided but rather as a possibility for their own children.  Needless to say I happily offered them all the information I had access to, having sent two children to standard “school” and dealt with the bullying problems I have become biased when it comes to homeschooling.

After getting home we got stuck in and got some work done, then had to go back out to take T to the orthodontist.  It was good news, another two months and then she only needs to wear her plate at night J
It has been raining here for the last few days, well only drizzling on and off really but it’s been enough to keep the kids inside.  They are completely unimpressed with that fact, believe me and because of being restricted to staying inside concentration levels have been at an all time low.  I tend to forget how whiney the kids can get until they are stuck inside with no room to run and play.  All I can say is I hope that it will be better today, the older two went to their first swimming lesson for the term late yesterday and the baby of the family had day-care.   So there is hope that they will have the ability to concentrate on their work today.
Went to the park today to meet up with some other members of our homeschooling group, and was impressed that we had some new members join in the meet at the park day.  The rest of the year seems to be warming up to be a great year!  It was great to see all the kids playing together happily for the whole morning and with only the occasional Two second spat had (none of which needed adult intervention I’m happy to say)!

WE are all looking forward to getting together in a fortnight to celebrate an early Chinese new year at the local Japanese gardens!  If all the families that were there today attend it should be a GREAT day.

Ugh... I am so frustrated!  I tried to take photos of our workboxes to post and the camera wouldn’t work!  Thankfully we purchased an extended warranty when we purchased it, and there are still a couple of months left on it so it shouldn’t cost us to get the camera fixed.    I don’t know how much we are going to get done this week, we have Australia day holiday tomorrow and the husband has plans that don’t include school.  Then on Thursday we have groceries shopping and doctors appointments, another day of no schooling!  I know the schools don’t go back until Thursday here but I still feel so frustrated that we aren’t getting anything done.

Oh well I can pray that things settle down next week!
So tired! LOL, stayed up last night until well after midnight posting photos of our workbox system.  Tried to get it all done yesterday but had to go out for our nieces birthday party, She turned one on the previous Friday.  She shares her birthday with my eldest T, and her name with my DS L and let me tell you she is the cheekiest little monkey there is!  It is at a toddlers birthday that you realise that it is the simplest things that kids take pleasure in J it’s not until they get older and commercialised by all the images of the surrounding world that the begin to think you need the latest phone or i-pod to be happy.   It’s sad to think but technology is really killing kids imaginations.

Well I had better stop rambling about things that are too heavy a discussion or I’ll never shut up, and I’m running out of time.  I’m signing off now, as I had better get some work done on my assignment before I need to get to work with the kids.
To make it easier on myself and cheaper I have decided to teach the kids to write in French script.  Although I must admit at this point that it’s not just for cost effectiveness, I also believe that it is a beautiful script without being too labour intensive!  At least this way I know that I can always make my own handwriting worksheets for FREE, all I have to do is open up Microsoft Word and start typing! 

After listening to all the advice from various groups on teaching handwriting, I have also decided that teaching F (3yo) French script from the beginning is probably the way to go.  SO in the following months I will be adding any French Script handwriting worksheets I create to the Little school section of this website.
I have found a great new (to me) website for teaching PE.  The site covers many different areas of PE and after Christmas I will be using the information from the site to teach human anatomy.   Here is a link to the site for all those who want to check it out;


Also for those who decide to use the site I have altered some of the diagrams from the site for use in the testing of the knowledge gained from the site.  These files can be found under unit studies download.
I have decided to add a little school downloads page so I can add all the files I create for my 3 ½ year old. This way I can keep them all together and easily accessible.
Ok so we have officially moved (I now shudder at the idea of having to move anytime soon) the house has boxes stacked in every nook and cranny, and I finally have our internet back up and running! Just over a week without internet has almost killed our family LOL, I hadn’t realises just how reliant we had become on having access to the net. Right now I have a billion things I SHOULD be doing, but honestly if I have to look at another box to unpack today I think my head would explode! This house is much smaller than our previous place (why is it you don’t truly comprehend these things until AFTER all your stuff is moved in?), but thankfully we have a room specifically for schooling. I will have to post some pictures once the boxes are no longer cluttering the area.

My sister now has until March next year off from her course and has graciously offered to teach the kids Equine studies during her time off. All three of the kids are looking forward to that one, although I believe it has more to do with the riding than the rest of what she has planned to teach them J

Well all I can say is it looks like academically things are shaping up quite well for next years studies!

Blessed Be, live life to the fullest and never take one moment for granted!