Well we have been BUSY today J  Faith had her second swimming lesson EVER today, and may I say that as the biased mum I think she did wonderfully.  Seriously though her instructor even commented on how well she did today, I’m truly glad about that because F was adamant that she wasn’t getting in the pool ever a little over two weeks ago.  While she was swimming the other two did their maths, attracting some interest from bystanders.  Isn’t it funny how if you go anywhere with kids in tow people either look at you with disdain or with interest, Today we had both.  There were a couple of interesting conversations that I had today with people that genuinely seemed interested in Homeschooling, not as something to be avoided but rather as a possibility for their own children.  Needless to say I happily offered them all the information I had access to, having sent two children to standard “school” and dealt with the bullying problems I have become biased when it comes to homeschooling.

After getting home we got stuck in and got some work done, then had to go back out to take T to the orthodontist.  It was good news, another two months and then she only needs to wear her plate at night J

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