It has been incredibly busy for our household for the last couple of weeks! We had the stomach bug rear its ugly head and work its way through our family, and then to top things off we made the sudden decision to downsize!  I have had itchy feet for the last six to eight months and our gypsy blood (I’m sure my DH and I must have it!) has finally won out. About every two to three years we begin to feel unsettled and have the urge to move, well on the extremely short notice of two weeks we have decided to move. Yes to answer your un-voiced question, we are moving just weeks before Christmas.  As for the sanity of moving over the holidays when there was no need for it, well all I can say is it HAS to be in our blood (it’s the only way we can explain the overwhelming urge to keep on the move)!

And to top it all off my philosophy course started today (on line), and at this point I must say their idea of a little light reading is DEFFINANTLY NOT what I consider light reading!  Now don’t get me wrong, I love to read and I find a real enjoyment from learning. It’s just on top of moving and Christmas and every other thing that’s been going on, well let’s just say the reading list caught me a little by surprise. Well I will NOT let a little thing like a couple thousand pages of extra reading deter me from something that I believe I will love (once I get into the swing of things).

Taking this ALL into consideration I have decided to let the kids off where the schoolwork issue is concerned. I figure a couple of weeks extra break in not going to be detrimental to their  learning, who knows it might even give me a chance to tweak things so they run even smoother once we start our new term.

Well If I don’t get back here before Christmas, Blessed Be and happy holidays!

Live simply, live happily!