Ok so we have officially moved (I now shudder at the idea of having to move anytime soon) the house has boxes stacked in every nook and cranny, and I finally have our internet back up and running! Just over a week without internet has almost killed our family LOL, I hadn’t realises just how reliant we had become on having access to the net. Right now I have a billion things I SHOULD be doing, but honestly if I have to look at another box to unpack today I think my head would explode! This house is much smaller than our previous place (why is it you don’t truly comprehend these things until AFTER all your stuff is moved in?), but thankfully we have a room specifically for schooling. I will have to post some pictures once the boxes are no longer cluttering the area.

My sister now has until March next year off from her course and has graciously offered to teach the kids Equine studies during her time off. All three of the kids are looking forward to that one, although I believe it has more to do with the riding than the rest of what she has planned to teach them J

Well all I can say is it looks like academically things are shaping up quite well for next years studies!

Blessed Be, live life to the fullest and never take one moment for granted!

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