Went to the park today to meet up with some other members of our homeschooling group, and was impressed that we had some new members join in the meet at the park day.  The rest of the year seems to be warming up to be a great year!  It was great to see all the kids playing together happily for the whole morning and with only the occasional Two second spat had (none of which needed adult intervention I’m happy to say)!

WE are all looking forward to getting together in a fortnight to celebrate an early Chinese new year at the local Japanese gardens!  If all the families that were there today attend it should be a GREAT day.

Ugh... I am so frustrated!  I tried to take photos of our workboxes to post and the camera wouldn’t work!  Thankfully we purchased an extended warranty when we purchased it, and there are still a couple of months left on it so it shouldn’t cost us to get the camera fixed.    I don’t know how much we are going to get done this week, we have Australia day holiday tomorrow and the husband has plans that don’t include school.  Then on Thursday we have groceries shopping and doctors appointments, another day of no schooling!  I know the schools don’t go back until Thursday here but I still feel so frustrated that we aren’t getting anything done.

Oh well I can pray that things settle down next week!
So tired! LOL, stayed up last night until well after midnight posting photos of our workbox system.  Tried to get it all done yesterday but had to go out for our nieces birthday party, She turned one on the previous Friday.  She shares her birthday with my eldest T, and her name with my DS L and let me tell you she is the cheekiest little monkey there is!  It is at a toddlers birthday that you realise that it is the simplest things that kids take pleasure in J it’s not until they get older and commercialised by all the images of the surrounding world that the begin to think you need the latest phone or i-pod to be happy.   It’s sad to think but technology is really killing kids imaginations.

Well I had better stop rambling about things that are too heavy a discussion or I’ll never shut up, and I’m running out of time.  I’m signing off now, as I had better get some work done on my assignment before I need to get to work with the kids.