At the minute T is obsessed with Twilight and I thought I would do something nice for her so I have made her some Twilight, Number cards for the front of her workboxes.
The second T laid eyes on the number tags I made her she LOVED them.
Hi so this is the page where I’ve decided to keep all my Work box related stuff!

So for those who don’t know, I’m a homeschooling mother of 3 great (most of the time) children! For various reasons (the main being the bullying problem in today’s schools) we began homeschooling our eldest about six months ago. So at this time I’m only homeschooling my eldest DD 11yo “T” and my 3yo DD “F” (she refused to be left out, LOL), but beginning the end of the year I will also begin homeschooling our 7yo DS “L”. It has been his belief that I have only been holding off on homeschooling him because I like to torture (which DOSN”T happen to be the case) him! I am only thankful that our son had such a lovely teacher this year, it has given me the time I needed to work out how to teach the kids myself.

I only recently stumbled across work boxing, so for us we are still trying to iron out all the kinks and find the perfect fit for all of my children. We are two weeks into this adventure, and while I like to try new things (often losing interest in them once the sparkle wears off, to move on to something new) I believe that this is a method we will not be abandoning. We are in our first year of homeschooling and while it has been great we have struggled to get organised. Having tried various methods including an extensive array of timetables to try to get our days/weeks to run smoothly, nothing has even come close to the ease and tear free days that workboxes have supplied us with.

With this one little alteration to our set up I have went from one frustrated Mum (madwoman), to a much happier less stressed version of my once frazzled self! I have discovered the way I believe homeschooling should have always been for us.  Our days are now filled with everyone knowing exactly what they need to accomplish for the day, and me being able to make SURE that everyone has something fun to look forward to in their boxes.

Better than all of this is the happy knowledge that I am now making the best use of all the supplies that have sat in the darkest recesses of our cupboards for the past several months. So not only are we now better organised but we are also no longer wasting money. Yes it was a VERRY good day that I was surfing the net and stumbled across the concept of workboxes!